Management Team


Duncan Bathe


Mr. Bathe, MSc, was co-founder of Fadasis Medical Inc, which obtained 2 FDA 510(k) approvals before being acquired by Ikaria (formally INO Therapeutics LLC) in 2003. Mr. Bathe has over 20 years experience in leading the design and development of nitric oxide delivery systems and is the named inventor on 30 patents, 12 of which pertain to nitric oxide.


Fredrick Montgomery

Executive Vice President

Dr. Montgomery, PhD, MBA has 30 years experience in medical device development with the last 8 years being the VP of the Medical Device Group for Ikaria, the current leader in inhaled nitric oxide therapy. Dr. Montgomery has significant startup and management experience as co-founder of Fadasis Medical and Director on the senior management team at Datex-Ohmeda (1998 – 2003).


Cory Casper

VP Engineering

Mr. Casper, MSEE, has nearly 30 years experience in software development and IT systems management and was the software program manager at Ikaria for the INOmax DS, the most recent inhaled nitric oxide delivery device to obtain FDA approval (2010). As a Staff Software Engineer for Google Inc, Casper was a Tech Lead and Manager for critical networking and storage infrastructure for Google.


Anne Berssenbrugge

VP Translational Science & Marketing

Dr. Berssenbrugge, PhD, has 20 years of global pharmaceutical and medical device experience focused on development of inhaled nitric oxide therapies for hypoxic newborns. As Director of Translational Sciences at Ikaria, Berssenbrugge managed the initial development and commercialization of inhaled nitric oxide therapy. She managed new product marketing for medical devices as NO Marketing Manager for Datex-Ohmeda.